VYRA – Social Network based on Cardano

VYRA 1.0 👉 We’ve been online since April 11th
Desktop + APP 🏳️

VYRA is a social network that allows users to connect and share content with each other. It’s free to use!!
Users can share links, photos, videos, polls, and projects, creating a dynamic and engaging community.
In addition, users can create their own Rooms, which function as personalized spaces within the network, enabling them to collaborate on projects, share ideas, and discuss topics with others who share their interests.
VYRA also provides a user-friendly interface that allows users to easily navigate and access the features of the platform.

Login/ Register
VYRA does not require users to provide personal information or email addresses. Instead, users can only log in to the platform using their Cardano wallets, ensuring that user data is secure.

VYRA allows users to share and collaborate on content through its Rooms feature, enabling users to create personalized spaces where they can work on projects and discuss topics with others who share their interests.

We do not store any data and do not use any analytic tools, etc.
By logging in with a wallet, we don’t know who you are, so you’re completely anonymous. Even if you create a login with a “Handle” you remain completely anonymous because we don’t receive any information about you there either. This is also a reason why we’re avoiding a traditional app. If we’re not collecting data from you, neither should others.

We will not display any advertisements. In the future, there will be a section for featured projects and partners, but there will never be any traditional advertising.

While we could list many cool names here, the team currently consists of only one, Steb.B. Goal is for the platform to become self-organizing, with the community deciding on necessary changes and improvements. Any ideas or suggestions you may have are welcome, so feel free to reach out to us.

Supported wallets
Nami, Eternl, Yoroi, Flint, Typhon, GeroWallet, Cardwallet, NuFi, Lace.
More will follow.

APP Store/Google Play
No, sorry, we don’t like this approach. Instead, we’ll have a PWA-APP. As a user, you won’t notice the difference, but this way, we avoid all the Apple/Google stuff. After Wallet-Connect, you can create a password and use it to log in to the PWA-APP. If you forget your password, you can simply reconnect via Wallet (using the same one you signed up with) and change your password. Hopefully, nobody is disappointed that we won’t appear in the cool APP store.
We don’t collect any data from you and don’t want others to either.
If you’re suspicious, which I understand, just use a Wallet account exclusively for VYRA.

Push Notifications
Yes, you can opt in after logging in and receive notifications similar to X for messages, likes, etc.

Reporting function
After 5 reports, the post, user, or room will be temporarily hidden, and the main admin will need to review it. Our goal is to empower users to moderate the site. However, if users report content solely because they don’t like the person, the reporting function will be disabled for that user for a certain period.

Data Storage
At the moment, we’re storing data on Wasabi, which is a cost-effective provider and was the quickest solution. In the future, we might consider talking to the folks at Iagon, but honestly, we’re also lacking the financial means to spend a lot on storage. I believe privacy is currently more important than decentralized storage. The idea is also to automatically delete all data after a certain period of time; after all, who reads posts that are a year old? However, we’ll put this to a vote, and the community will ultimately decide.

VYRA tokens can be earned by contributing to the platform, such as creating content, moderating the site, and participating in community governance. Users can also use VYRA to access premium features, vote on platform changes, and participate in community-driven decision-making. (You need 1 Token)
There will be no pre or private sale of the token.

Blockchain: Cardano
Asset Name: VYRA
Total Supply: 250,000,000
Policy ID: 493136618a39dcefb89ff573061f715ee32e88092d0299c54e3a3773

The VYRA Token cannot be considered as an investment. So think carefully whether it’s worth investing in.

And by the way, I’m Steb, a Swiss guy who currently lives part-time on a Greek island.
My background is in web design for several years, in Cardano since 2020.

Nice to meet you 🙂

Ideation and start of platform development.

Q1 2023:
Launch VYRA beta 1.0 / Desktop Version

Q2 2023:
Release of VYRA beta 1.1, featuring the first changes driven by the community.

Q4 2023:
Beta ends

April 2024
Launch VYRA 1.0 Desktop/APP

May 2024
VYRA 1.1, featuring changes driven by the community.
Earn $VYRA for posting etc.

Apr. 11 2024: Version 1.0 Desktop and APP are Live
Nov. 10 2023: Thanks for Beta-Testing, we are back soon!
Apr. 19 2023: Feature added “Glimps” Beta (Story-Tool)
Mar. 26 2023: Users can create password to login from any device
Mar. 07 2023: Feature added “User Blogs” Beta
Feb. 27 2023: Feature added “Private Messaging” + “Rooms”
Feb. 27 2023: we are on!